Hello folks and welcome back to Pull Up Your Cat, the post where we pull up our cats and chat about this-n-that. It was a busy week for me at work. I swear I haven’t had to corner stitch one piece in over a year and I certainly haven’t since I got my new machine. Then this week came along and I wound up doing four separate jobs, all corner stitched. 4,000 pieces, then 7,000, then 17,000 and finally fully 25,000 five part sets, collated and corner stitched. In total 53,000 sets since Monday!

Why would I bring that up on a cat post? Well I’m getting to that so hold your cats. My new booklet maker has a delivery for corner stitched pieces that’s shin high and under the folder section, which means that I had to squat down to retrieve the finished sets in bunches of every fifty. By my calculations, I did about 1,060 deep knee bends from Monday to Friday and by Thursday, I felt crippled. I felt it especially in my right upper thigh. I was so sore that until Saturday, I had to think about locking that knee when I walked or I was in danger of it folding up on me.

And still you ask in exasperation, “WTF does any of this have to do with cats”? Well, it turns out that my right thigh is the one Kuroneko usually sleeps on when I lay down to read and sure enough, on Thursday she leaped from the floor, onto my thigh and I screamed like a ten year old girl. A high pitched squeal of pain! Poor ‘Neko went into a panic and jumped off my thigh and in so doing, inflicted even more pain, eliciting more unpleasant screaming. How do you explain what happened to a cat and tell her it’s okay to resume her place once the soreness abates? As shy as she is about loud noises, I’m afraid she may never get back in my lap now.

I’m doing a little better now and I’ll probably resume working out today but what a tough week! I’m going to spend Monday figuring a better way to remove stitched sets without having to squat.

On to the pictures!

462013 005
Kuroneko picture of the week: I wanted to get a Kuroneko picture of the week but she was only interested in the string attached to the camera. Silly thing. Looks like she’s spitting a death ray though, sorta.

Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Cutest. Toes. Evah. From Cute Overload.

Bonus picture: “Mmmmm…tastes like chicken….” Thank you Markfromireland

And now for something completely unexpected….

That’s it for this week. Come by and share some animal stories. Please have a good week ahead…in all the weeks ahead but whatever you do, please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you. They’ll thank you for it. And so will I. 🙂



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