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Dear Abby

Dear Abby

Our son, an unemployed roofer, is an avid gun collector and spends any money he earns from odd jobs acquiring more; it worries me that with each new weapon, his aggressiveness is increasing toward our neighbors and people in a town not far from here. Our daughter, an unemployed plumber, has become increasingly withdrawn and moody — especially after late night weekend parties with her friends who are busy at work during the week.

Our family budget is strained to the limit. We have a huge low interest 30-year mortgage with only 10 years remaining. Due to our excellent credit rating, we are eligible for a 2nd mortgage at less than 2%.

Our house is deteriorating from the leaky roof; and we’ve also noticed that our water bill has doubled over the past year although the city has not increased the rates.

Our question is: should we wait on having the roof fixed and solving the water mystery until we pay off the 30-year mortgage?

the Us family

p.s. We have CD’s in which we’ve all invested over 40 years that provide income to my mother and her disabled brother so that they can live in their own apartment; we could use part of that income to speed up our mortgage payments, but that would mean they’d have to move in with us; and I’m afraid that the mildew in the back bedroom would aggravate my mothers’ medical condition.

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