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Late Night: The Terror We’re Told to Ignore

A MySpace photo of the late James Cummings, multimillionaire neo-Nazi, kiddie porn fan, and would-be dirty bomb maker

The appearance of this little day-brightener by Attaturk reminds me of a part of American history that’s been shoved down the memory hole.

Remember how during the Bush years the FBI and its media allies had collective pants-peeings over various small-time outfits whose leaders and instigators were the FBI agents who’d infiltrated them and organized them? You know, like the guys who were supposedly going to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago but who were so hapless they didn’t know where Chicago was — and so poor their FBI-agent ringleader had to buy them all boots? Or the idiots who thought they could take out the Brooklyn Bridge with hacksaws?

Notice how people who commit crimes against rich peoples’ property, crimes that don’t actually hurt, much less kill, other people, generate similar pants-peeings?

Meanwhile, those terrorists whose groups (because they were right-wing ones) weren’t infiltrated much less run by the FBI, those terrorists who came up with their terroristic ideas without any help, get a lot less mainstream press.

People like, oh, the cyanide bomb makers in Noonday and Tyler, Texas, who were shipping their wares across the country to like-minded militia groups. Or the white supremacist who tried to bomb the MLK Jr. parade in Seattle.

And then there’s the multi-millionaire trust-fund neo-Nazi guy, James G. Cummings II, originally from California but who moved to Maine, who wanted to build a dirty bomb out of nuclear material and who had the money to get the materials and the people needed to do it. What stopped him wasn’t the FBI, but his own wife Amber, who shot him to death after enduring years of his abuse and fearing for the safety of their young daughter.

Oh, and I almost forgot this recent one, the shooting murders at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, committed by the former leader of a white-supremacist heavy-metal band.

This is all stuff that we’re told to ignore, because when the authorities try to point it out, conservatives with lots of money backing them up start screaming and pressuring the government via their tame congresscritters to back off.


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