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New Documents Reveal DHS Routinely Spies On Peaceful Americans

If you are going to have an extremely unequal society, you better have a police state. And guess what? We do. New documents received by the Partnership For Civil Justice Fund reveal that the Department of Homeland Security routinely spies on peaceful activists as a matter of policy.

Government documents obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) through its FOIA records requests reveal that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), an agency created after the September 11 attacks under the rubric of combating terrorism, conducts daily monitoring of peaceful, lawful protests as a matter of policy.

Functioning as a secret political police force against people participating in lawful, peaceful free speech activity, the heavily redacted documents show that the DHS “Threat Management Division” directed Regional Intelligence Analysts to provide a “Daily Intelligence Briefing” that includes a category of reporting on “Peaceful Activist Demonstrations” along with “Domestic Terrorist Activity.”

The constitution is dead and buried – long live the constitution. Disagree with the government, previously protected activity, and you will be punished. But in order to punish you they need dirt and thanks to fighting “terrorism” they can conduct as much surveillance on you, your home, your friends, your family, your business, your online activity as they want. No judges, no juries, you’re guilty.

The documents show the routine use of Fusion Centers for intelligence gathering on peaceful demonstrations as well as the use of DHS’ “Mega Centers” for collection of surveillance information on demonstrations.

One document also shows the DHS engaging in what appears to be “off the books” intelligence gathering as one DHS agent writes in response to a request for information on the Occupy movement in New England, “This meeting should be finishing up soon and I’ll have access to a non-DHS computer that will allow me to do more looking.”

So in the event DHS has some minor safeguards, the secret police agents simply bypass them. Brilliant.

Well, my friends, it has been quite a journey since 1776 hasn’t it? As we head into the sunset of our freedom shall we take a moment to celebrate what we once had? The right to an opinion. The right to engage in open debate without being molested by the government. The right to pursue opportunities in fair competition. The faith that those, no matter how powerful, who broke the law would face some form of justice. Maybe it was always a dream.

But now, unfortunately, we the people are once again living under a feudal system where some are above the law and the remaining 99% are mere serfs with ever diminishing rights and opportunities. I guess some will still deny this. That in an age of “terrorism” – somehow a greater threat than Fascism and nuclear armed Communism – we simply have to protect ourselves by imprisoning ourselves. We cannot abide these old expectations of liberty where everyone can think whatever they want or dare to demonstrate in public against the government and the powers behind it. No, true freedom is the freedom from imaginary threats and the worsening worst case scenarios excreting from the dark bureaucracy of the National Security State. It’s the New America, freedom is slavery.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.