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International Developments

? US moving “advanced missile system” to Guam.

? NATO’s International Security Assistance Force is “braced for ‘high-profile’ attacks and assassination attempts by Taliban militants” as summer approaches and Western armies withdraw.

? “A suicide bomb and gun attack on a courthouse in western Afghanistan . . . more than 50 people dead and 90 injured,” mostly civilians.

? Over half of Pakistanis 18-29 years old polled reported “democracy had not been good for them or the country.”  “Sharia law and military rule were favoured”.

? Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s woes continue with almost 500 al-Azhar University (Cairo) students protesting after being taken to hospital for food poisoning.

? Several newspaper publishing sites in Iraq were attacked by mobs furious over a story critical of a particular Shiite cleric.

International Finance

? “Investigators from Germany’s central bank are scheduled to fly to New York next week [to look into] allegations that . . . Deutsche” Bank hid some “$12bn in losses, helping it avoid a government bailout.”

? Oh, how the mighty are falling!  Inaki Urdangarin, married to Spain’s Princess Cristina, is charged with misusing “millions of euros of public money.”

Money Matters USA

? Great article by Bill Black:  “Third Way is Wall Street on the Potomac.  It is funded secretly by Wall Street . . ., it is openly run by Wall Street, and it lobbies endlessly for Wall Street.”  So what does a New York Times reporter call it?  A “center-left policy research organization”.  Go here to click through to many Third Way connections.

? Matthew Marshall Taylor, Goldman Sachs trader, has been rather expensive for Goldman Sachs to have around, what with losses and penalties due to his actions. Anyhow, he’s turned himself in to the FBI.

? J.C. Penney’s CEO had his pay cut, coinciding with a 60% plunge in shares.

? Another reason to consider moving to a credit union: “Bank website attacks reach new high: 249 hours offline in past six weeks”. [cont’d.]

Photo by Tim Wilson under Creative Comments license

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Dan Wright

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