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Wednesday Watercooler

Hi, y’all.

Zombie like marching band

One of many colorful marching bands at Austin's HONK! TX 2013.

The weather has been wet for the last few days, with waves of thunderstorms and downpours passing through, along with strong winds. As if to prove the local joke that no one can drive in Austin when it rains, a train derailed in my neighborhood early this morning. Though my garden is very happy, the rain couldn’t dent the longstanding drought in our region, as tweeted by “weatherdude” @ScottFisherFOX7:

Scott Fisher Says: Drought buster?!!? Unfortunately, no. Lake Travis up only about 10 inches.

The sun shone on an event here late last month — HONK! TX, a festival of marching bands from around the country. Tonight’s video selection is a short film of the festival by the / Austin Indymedia Center team, with lots of great musical footage.


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Photo by Jeff Zavala / / Austin IndyMedia Center, used with permission.

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Kit OConnell

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