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Internal Poll Shows Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Leading Mark Sanford

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, Clemson

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (D), sister of Stephen Colbert, has released an internal poll showing her with a small lead over former Gov. Mark Sanford (R). According to the poll conducted by Lake Research Partners, Colbert Busch is at 47 percent in the special election for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional district, while Sanford is at only 44 percent. If Curtis Bostic was able to win the Republican primary runoff taking place this evening, Colbert-Busch would have a nine point lead over him.

These findings should be taken with a large amount of salt. This is both an internal poll and a special election. Predicting turnout in special elections is very difficult.

With that said, this poll is very much in line with an independent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling last week. It found Colbert-Busch leading Sanford 47-45.

If Colbert-Busch does win the special election it would be a huge victory for Democrats given the incredibly Republican leanings of the district. Her victory, though, would probably have more to do with Sanford being a disgraced former governor than any significant change in a national political environment.

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Jon Walker

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