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Five Crazy Beliefs That Are Still Less Fringe Among Young People Than Opposing Marriage Equality

It is sometimes hard to get across how incredibly fringe opposition to marriage equality is among the Millennials. Thankfully, Public Policy Polling’s new “conspiracy theory” poll provides a surprisingly useful point of comparison.

Here are five things that more voters under 30 believe in more than opposing same-sex marriage.

  1. An UFO crashed at Roswell – According to PPP, 22 percent of young voters believe a UFO crash at Roswell and the government covered it up. By comparison the latest Washington Post poll found only 15 percent of this age group believe same-sex marriage should be illegal.
  2. Global Warming is a Hoax – More than twice as many Millienals think global warming is a hoax, 37 percent, than believe the government should stop two homosexuals from marrying.
  3. Bigfoot – Belief in Bigfoot is more popular among young voters (22 percent believe Sasquatch is real) than the belief same-sex marriage should be outlawed.
  4. Osama Bin Laden is still alive – PPP found 21 percent of voters under 30 think Bin Laden is still alive somewhere.
  5. Obama is the Anti-Christ – According to the poll 19 of young people believe Obama is the Anti-Christ. This means there is a decent number of young people who think Obama could be a demonic force that will bring the end times, who are also not bothered by gay marriage.

Among my generation opposition to marriage equality is about as fringe as a position can be.

Photo by Keith Daly released under Creative Commons License

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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