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International Developments

? “Camp Nama:  British personnel reveal horrors of secret US base in Baghdad:  Detainees . . .  subjected to human-rights abuses at detention centre, say British witnesses.” Established to extract info about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, torture continued for other reasons once the WMD lie was exposed. General Stanley McChrystal’s role, the extraordinary secrecy imposed, etc.

? US F-22 Raptor stealth fighters are on their way to South Korea from Okinawa.

? That M23 rebel group in Democratic Republic of Congo, “has rejected the UN’s decision to deploy a special attack force to the area.”

? Yesterday, an Egyptian teevee satirist had to post bail for  offending President Mohammed Morsi and his religion.  Now, a Kuwaiti who insulted head dude Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah on Twitter has been sentenced to two years in jail for the “crime”.

? An Israeli teenager who has spent over 100 days in prison for his refusal to enlist in the Israeli army is prepared to be sentenced again–the 8th time–for his beliefs.

? Private newspapers are making a come-back in Burma.

? Caroline Kennedy,  next US Ambassador to Japan.

International Finance

? Hope he keeps this up:  “Pope Francis uses Easter address to denounce ‘greed looking for easy gain’: Pope appears to put uncaring capitalism on a par with the armed conflicts traditionally deplored in the annual Urbi et Orbi addresses”.

? Greece will begin efforts to sell off its national rail service in June.  Austerity at work.

? Cyprus hopes to “kickstart its ailing economy” by lifting “a ban on casinos and offer firms tax exemptions on profits reinvested on the island”.  What they’re up against for accepting that “rescue package”:   deepening recession, shrinking banking sector, and “thousands of job losses”.  Austerity at work.

Money Matters USA

? Walk through “Wells Fargo’s ‘Reprehensible’ Foreclosure Abuses” and you’ll heartily agree with Yves Smith: “It’s time to admit the [Office of the Controller of the Currency] is beyond repair.  It should be abolished . . ..  One hopelessly corrupt regulator is one too many.”  On the bright side, you’ll be cheering for Elizabeth Magner, US bankruptcy judge in New Orleans. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.