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MSPB Watch Invites Public to Form Citizen Oversight Council to Oversee Federal Agencies’ Compliance with Civil Service Laws

Premised on the notion that you must be the change you want to see in the world, MSPB Watch is seeking partners to adopt–in civilian form–the duties of an inspector general for the Office of Special Counsel and the Merit Systems Protection Board. Currently no formal, independent IG exists for either agency.

MSPB Watch is inviting any interested member of the public to form a citizen oversight council. Duties include researching applicable civil service laws and obtaining public information to determine whether OSC and MSPB are complying with these laws. Once formed, the Council would issue regular report cards on OSC’s and MSPB’s performance; make recommendations for reform; conduct “peer review” for any proposed legal or political campaigns to redress grievances; attempt to engage in formal dialogue with government officials; and provide support for any appropriate member initiatives.

Other initiatives could include “teach ins” to educate whistleblowers, federal employees, and the public about their rights under civil service laws.

Interested persons may contact David Pardo at dpardo at mspbwatch dot net for more information.

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