Pull Up Your Cat

Good morning and Happy Easter, a.k.a. Zombie Jesus Day. Welcome to pull up your (not zombie) cat.

It’s been a very busy week for me so this feature will be short on text and long on excuses of why I’ll be mostly out of pocket today. I just wanna REST for a change! I’ll look in from time to time, especially if Kuroneko does anything silly. The only thing to report about her is that some of the noises that came out of the speakers when I was looking at cat videos earlier had her almost in a panic and she spent some time in my (bare legged -yikes!), lap.

Let’s look at some pictures!

Kuroneko picture of the week: My black cat peeks out from her fresh laundry nest
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: This little one has discovered the wonders of TP. (Love the wallpaper, btw) From Cute Overload

And of course, this week’s cat video. Enjoy!

Sorry, I’m not going to include any cute bunnies, though the internet is rife with them just now. If it’s any consolation, I also considered and ultimately rejected including any undead images too. Have a great week ahead but whatever you do, please set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you.

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