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An African American President


When White liberal Democrats voted for an “African American” president, it was the wisest decision they ever made in life.  They didn’t vote for “Barack Obama”, they voted for an African American as president. 

An African American President would never have expanded that useless, very expensive war in Afghanistan, when we so desperately needed every last cent in the treasury for domestic spending.  With unemployment sky high, and the lower middle class suffering from “manipulated” gasoline and food prices; there is no way under the Sun an African American President would have bailed out Wall Street and the banks.

Barack Obama is “Barack Obama”, and we know who he is.  It’s just a matter of time before the African Americans who were overcome with joy when we elected the first “African American President”, ever in history, will know who Barack Obama is.  “Please”,  quit beating up on your selves for making the wisest decision you have ever made in your entire life.

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