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Upon Becoming My Own Earworm

Updated below –

I don’t generally post diaries, not being confident of my writing skills.  Reading, commenting and membership have been my contributions, small as they are, to FDL.

Trying my best here to stay within the very reasonable myFDL diary rules while at the same time continuing the discussion which began at Monday’s watercooler.

Earworms don’t have to be music.  They can also be ideas or beliefs or deep seated emotions that are asking you to pay attention.  I was troubled by what happened at wendydavis’s diary Sunday night.  Disregard for equality, respect, and boundaries – a raw display of what I can only call “otherism” – they were all on offer.

It wasn’t the first time I have observed this, but this time it was too egregious to be ignored.  My earworm won’t let me ignore it.  It won’t let the normally reticent me keep from thinking and writing about it.  I hope you will think about it, too.


Kelly dropped by after everyone was gone and left two comments which have been disappeared by the mods.  They were about at #80 or a little after.   Basically called us hypocrites and haters, and said he felt absolutely no remorse for the bullying. Also posted a comic that said we could bite his ass.

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