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Over Easy: Friday Free-for-All

I have lately been wondering if geologic history is destiny, but given the vector of criticism on a topic that could veer woo woo, I thought it better to posit something perhaps a bit more real.  That said, it is Good Friday, and I thought I would venture in the direction of the Holy Land, at whatever peril.

The commonalities of various latitudes have been studied, and this is an area of interest for me.  Thirty-three degrees (N) latitude is one about which I have invested some time and thought.  I probably have mentioned it more than once in comments over the years; a string of places around the globe that share this commonality, give or take a few miles:  Beirut, Dar es Salaam, Ji’an (Chang’an), Nagasaki, San Diego, Trinity Site, Dallas, Atlanta, the Bermuda Triangle, the lost City of Atlantis, Babylon. The Grand Canyon and Palestine are similarly situated between 31 and 32 degrees (N) latitude.  They also share similar geologic underpinnings.  I am not a geologist, so I’ll leave it at that, and if this sort of thing piques your interest, you can try to establish some bona fides for “the great flood,” as it is called in the Bible.  Have a free-for-all, if you like.

Years ago in Albuquerque, Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb was a coordinator of marches on behalf of peace and reconciliation in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and Palestine. She has left New Mexico, but she has remained stalwart in her efforts to non-violent solutions to the Occupation of Palestine.

New Mexico has a history of other worthwhile efforts towards peace between Israel and Palestine.  One of the most notable is Creativity for Peace, a summer camp held in Santa Fe for young women from Israel and Palestine.  These young women have become leaders in their communities as a result of the training and experiences they have shared. Most of them arrive in New Mexico never having met or known someone on “the other side.”

I have a couple of friends from (un)Occupy who are living in Gaza and Palestine and have been there for some months.  They regularly publish their experiences on line.  Lora Lucero is a lawyer passionate about her grandchildren, global climate change and Gaza.  Andrew Beal is from the next generation, fluent in a number of languages, enabling him to publish widely.  He and I went to jail together in 2011. He is both polite and radical and keeps me honest in our common struggles.  Andy and Lora are incredibly brave, and I admire them tremendously.

Some sources and linkage in the spirit of Southern Dragon:  Is it possible there was something (sort of) positive from Obama’s visit to Israel?  The Palestinian Monitor  is a good source of information about what is happening daily there.  Of course there is also the most excellent Electronic Intifada.

Have a great day, everyone.  Viva, viva Palestina.  Coffee’s on, have a cuppa.

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