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This is my notice to firedoglake that I do not wish to renew my membership. I want to thank the web sight for given me opertunity to try to make a differance. I also want to thank all of you that have made an effort in your way to make a differance. This will be my last post.

Hello America:

I am what life has taught me to be; a 78year old American whose life has come about full circle. The only thing I would rather be is a Proud American. My final wish for my children and grandchildren is I wish before I die I could say I’m a Proud American. I hope there is still time. My Mother a Good Samaritan created me on Gods Earth. I compare my mother to President Jimmy Carter as a Good Samaritan. I am not a Jew, Muslim, Christian or the Southern Baptist I was raised to be. Life has taught me they are the most divisive forces on God’s Earth. I also believe the same thing all those religions believe, that there is a living God that created all living things. Just like them I can’t prove it. As an American unlike oppressed Nations lead by religious zealots such as Evangelicals that want to play God, it has been my privilege to take my belief one step forward. I believe God teaches us through history and nature. I believe that is the history our Forefathers brought forward to write the Constitution of the USA.  Amendment one, of the Constitution that makes me an American gives me the insight to my belief.

All history clearly tells me that wealthy tyrants have used fear-mongering and the weak and narrow minded to divide, conquer and oppress other Nations though-out history. History tells me, if there is a God he needed a Nation of open-minded, common-sense human beings as an example for the rest of his Earth. History tells me the USA that became the most respected, prosperous lending Nation to ever exist was that Nation. That was before we were again divided into the Red and Blue States and let Corporate America sell our jobs out to China a Communist, atheist Nation. I wonder if God is proud of us now that we have become Wal-Mart shoppers, and we could care less about how the Corporations treat’s their employees. A Scab is better thought of than a Union Member. I wonder if God is pleased that we have become indebted to an atheist Nation while the rich have become richer and the poor poorer. Last but not least of what history has taught me, is the fact that Nature or God destroys any species of life that over populates.

I believe that anyone that continues to ignore what we have done to our Children and our once respected Nation deserves to burn in Hell. I’m from Missouri show me the Good Samaritans in Congress.

Learning from our mistakes is the key to a brighter future. Haven been so Blessed to have been born during the Great Depression I can only believe that we the people, that are supposed to be in charge of our government, became so greedy and apathetic that we ignored our duty and gave our God given minds, to the Corporate, feed News Media. The most simple minded should know that a dog will cater to the hand that feeds them. Corporate America feeds the greedy Red and Blue Dogs we the people keep electing to Congress that has divided us into the Red and Blue States. Their called dogs but they are not stupid. They know to keep their place they have to keep, we the people, and our work force divided.

Americas march backward into the Dark ages began when our Supreme Court ruled that our Women have the right to use her God given mind to decide if she could financially afford to, or the will to give  birth to a child. The Evangelicals mostly of the Red States, who want to play God, went nuts. Even as far backwards as we have gone today they will only vote for Politicians that will tell them they will support Judges that support their narrow minded views. The wealthy such as Rupert Murdock who owns Fox News, saw the hole in the armor of a United People and took advantage of it. They have used the greediest of the greedy and the weakest of the narrow minded to divide us into the Red and Blue States. The leaders of the NRA are a good example of the greediest that our leaders cater to.

It is far past time that American’s that were  so blessed to be born during the Great Depression get our head out of our asses. We need to tell our young people that elected President Obama, the True history of how we rose up out of the ashes of that depression to become a Great Nation. Learning from our mistakes is the path forward. The fact that our Labor Unions made some mistakes justifies their demise. More importantly they have never been more needed… Is it possible God inspired our young people to elect President Obama to re-unite us?

The Truth is, our parents’ generation elected the leaders that replaced the greedy that led us into the great depression. The Government then created the taxes and jobs to rebuild and move our Nation forward. They also supported our Labor Unions that gave us a Middle Class. United we stand, divided we fall.

In God I Trust:  A could be Proud American

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