Friday Night Random Ten

It’s been a hell of a last week and a half, but it’s all better now.

For the moment.

To add to that, my iPod (whirrr…click click…. pause….click) and my Mac (rainbow wheel of seemingly eternal duration) are having a race to see who can die on me first. I did discover that the L&T Casey and I can share new music by putting it in our respective Dropboxes, so no more shipping CDs cross country.

Yay technology and simple answers to obvious problems.

Infected – Bad Religion
Detour Ahead – Bill Evans Trio
Shine A Light – Apples In Stereo
All Shook Down – The Replacements
Forgiveness – Engineers
City Reprise #12 – The War On Drugs
Golden Blunders – The Posies
Torn Curtain – Television
All Hands Against His Own – The Black Keys
Headturner – Joss Stone
….and Nr. 9 – Hooverphonic

Lastly, I’ve been listening to the Drive-By Truckers Southern Rock Opera (which is work of genius, I might add) for the last two weeks. If there was enough raw material in Tommy and American Idiot to make them into stage musicals, there is a buttload more in SRO to do the same.

Somebody should do that…

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