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International Developments

? “Nobody spent three years in VIetnam.  We don’t have young men who have seen this much combat since the American-Indian wars”, according to Douglas Ollivant, retired Army officer. Result:  “US Army fights brain drain”.

? Life under drones:  “The Associated Press–in a rare on-the-ground look unaccompanied by military or security–visited two Afghan villages . . . near the border with Pakistan to talk to residents [about the impact of] drone strikes.”

? “US Sends B-2s to South Korea for Military Drills”.

? “Central African Republic’s army chiefs pledged allegiance to the country’s self-proclaimed president Michel Djotodia.”  13 South African soldiers, sent to protect former President Francois Bozize were killed in the fighting.

? Special UN combat force approved for disarming eastern Democratic Republic of Congo rebels.

? “Mortar kills 20 at Damascus university“; rebels are blamed.  More than “2.4 million people in the city are in urgent need of assistance, and . . . 510,000 have [been] forced from their homes.”

? According to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, “governments have supplied only 30% of $1.5m aid pledge to help 4m internally displaced” people in Syria.

? Did Turkey deport Syrian refugees suspected of being involved in a riot?  Turkey’s saying no; the UN is investigating.

? Nelson Mandela is in hospital in South Africa for a recurring lung infection; he’s “responding positively” to treatment.

International Finance

? Banks opened in Cyprus today, as scheduled, people queued up and began transactions in an orderly manner.  The entire board of Cyprus Popular Bank has resigned.

? The Central Bank of Cyprus formerly limited banks to using only 30% “of their foreign deposits to support local lending”. That policy was overturned when Cyprus joined the euro, which led to “billions more local lending”.  A credit bubble was created, aided by a variety of other factors.  And here we are.

Money Matters USA

? Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is introducing a bill to break up “too-big-to-fail” banks.

? “Congress is spending $380 million on a missile program that has no funding authorization, doesn’t work, and the Department of Defense doesn’t plan on buying.”

? The oligarchs have three things in common regarding their wealth:  “Protecting and preserving” it, “Insuring unrestricted use” of it, and “Acquiring more”.  And they are very active “Inside Our Democracy”.

? More gloating:  “Walmart Faces the Cost of Cost-Cutting: Empty Shelves”.

? Presscott Rosche sprang up out of nowhere, targeting “homes in the legal limbo of foreclosure” in FL.  Given all the broken paper trails concerning ownership of the homes, authorities are having difficulty determining who does or doesn’t own a property.  Sordid mess.

? “Jobless Claims in U.S. Increase More Than Forecast.” [cont’d.]

Photo NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

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