Truly bringing out the intellectual firepower

Over the years National Review has regularly rolled out really powerful arguments such as “We must defend the Southern Way of Life“; “White Men Only“; “I Dream of a Shirtless Mitt Romney“; “I’m too busy to understand what I say?”; “Why are the pages of my GOP Platform Sticking Together?” and, of course, “Beyond Thunderdome“.

But none may ever match the glory of Kathryn Lopez’s plan to eliminate the need for gay marriage:

 …arguments for redefining marriage frequently hinge on questions of government benefits to same-sex couples. But more sensible solutions are possible. As this case shows, society can remove this burden without rushing to abolish marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

The Heritage Foundation has argued for eliminating the estate tax, popularly called the “death tax,” for more than fifteen years. In an influential 1996 report, Heritage argued that such reform was in line with the American dream and sense of justice. Tax law should not discourage savings and investment, nor punish hard work and thrift. Nor should it encourage Americans to consume now in order to avoid passing on wealth to loved ones because they would be taxed.

Yeah, that’s what this is truly all about…not love or equal rights for all…but lower taxes for rich people.

Thanks, Ms. Lopez, you truly understand…well, nothing.