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Labels, Words and Definitions

As a moderate conservative, raised as a southern Baptist, I have been intrigued by the Prop 8 case before the Supreme Court.

No matter what my personal views have ever been, I have always tried to figure out what the other person was trying to say, think , or acccomplish. But here I sit, and after hearing what was said by both sides,  I have to ask…..why do homosexuals want to be “married”. Why do they claim a miracle of nature, the rainbow, as their sign. And why do they say they are “gay” and not homosexual. Is the word homosexual a deragatory term to them? Is it destined to someday be the “H” word along with the distasteful “N” word.

I agree homosexual couples should not be discrimanated against, and should have all the legal rights as married couples. However, why do they want to use the term….Marriage? Do they consider this the last bastion they have to demolish to feel equal, to feel societal absolution and acceptance? I think so. I think it’s the “we beat you” attitude on steroids.

To date the homosexual community has hijacked the rainbow, changed the public use/definition of the word gay, and now wants to gut the institution of traditional marriage to suit their choice of sexual preference. I support DOMA and will stand as strongly for my rights as you do yours. Good luck.

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