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Over Easy: Monday Science


This is still the most powerful rocket motor we ever made. 60 years later


In building my weekly posts, sometimes even I learn something! Yes, yes, yes, I see all the eye rolls. But have you ever heard of a superatom before this? I hadn’t. I stumbled onto it because of this story. If we can produce them in quantity, it could lead to an entirely new type of electronic circuit based on spin rather than than charge.

There is probably only one species of giant squid, based on DNA studies. This puts the same species in every ocean and makes the disputed sightings of extremely large squid in the gulf of Cortez much more creditable.

We live in a matter universe, because there was more matter than anti-matter created in the Big Bang. Or maybe anti matter properties are different. Available data is starting to suggest that maybe the opposite is true for neutrinos.

This should shock you. Hiring women of childbearing age to work at Fukushima?!? I’d love to see the legal disclaimer about childbrith issues they’ll have to sign.

They recovered the parts of the Saturn-V booster from Apollo 11.

An increase in the theoretical efficiency of a solar cell via nanowires. Well, maybe. No mention of how much more efficient or if it can be mass produced.

Triassic extinction caused by volcanoes. Why should asteroids have all the fun?

Did you forget Earth has a probe around Venus? Here’s a report. Why should Mars get all the press?

This could result in paint on solar cells. Or printed circuits made in your printer! Or it could result in another billion dollars down the drain. Who wants to bet?

China sets output quota’s on rare earth metals. This is prompting Japan to mine the seabed. You’d think China would be worried about that.

World water day was Mar 22. Nat Geo’s take on it.

We are idiots. Construction begins on the two new reactors Obama had us taxpayers back.

We all wish Ontario’s maple syrup producers well. Maple ANYTHING is a weakness of mine. Remember, for the most intense maple flavor,you want grade B dark syrup. Any pancake syrup that says “contains maple syrup” contains grade C, which is very bitter. But they make up for that with corn syrup!

Boxturtle (We’re expecting 2″ of snow per hour starting midnight)


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