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Evangelical Fundamentalists are Tolerance Experts, right?

Fundamentalist Evangelicals OBVIOUSLY know what’s best for the rest of us, aren’t the least bit hesitant about stating that ENDLESSLY to anyone who’ll listen. As most of us are already apparently aware.

Yet many of those same Evangelicals have what we (the tolerant sectarians) recognize to be twisted values, they’ll quote Jesus and the New testament ONLY to the extent that it aligns with their NEW IMPROVED value system, a system that’s morphed well outside of the new testament framework.

They support an IMPROVED value system that without hesitation decries Wealth to be “Godly”, and Immense Wealth to be representative of the “Blessings and Approval” implied by that.

Doesn’t matter where the money came from, right? Cumulative Wealth is the equivalent of “Absolution” for that purpose under these rules 😉


Right Wing Fundamentalists assure us that current supporters of Jesus needn’t REALLY follow his example, their worldly wealth should NOT be given over to the poor, for instance, since under current Evangelical Fundamentalist standards Excessive Wealth among church members (AND Church Leadership) represents APPROVAL from and by God.

Thus TAXES are (by WingNut logic) an imposition equivalent to giving money to the poor, can’t have THAT, can we?

Because $ are of greater importance than GOD (or people), Greed is Good to paraphrase 😉

And by current Fundamentalist standards, Immense Wealth is GODLY.


Militant Evangelicals (Santorum Et Al) speak out of “Both sides of their mouths” as the saying goes.…

And don’t hesitate to use the religious faith of others in support of their own Political Ambitions.…

With the rest of us paying the hidden “Costs” of those opportunistic, cynical manipulations.

Even in terms of lives lost, regarding limitless Middle East war ventures.…

And let’s not forget the lives we’ve already allowed to be wasted

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M Kitt

M Kitt