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Title is a tip of my hat and martini to Herb Caen bless his soul.

So, temps at night just a WEE bit too cold (lo 40’s or less) till now, the night times are now up to about mid 40’s/hi 40’s.

Time to start the Spring Thing All Over Again.

You MAY recall last year’s Cave Dwelling Efforts. Here’s the front about July or so:

Front July 2012











The front inside fence line:

Front July 2012










The back side about July 2012:

Backside July 2012

Today, after 4 grueling hours of tilling (3rd time since January), soil mixing, planting and fertilizing and watering, here’s the front. Rather bleak and barren so far compared to last year’s efforts. We had a FULL garden till mid November! But it’s a good start!

Front March 2013

Inside Front:

Inside Front March 2013

Back Side, Honey’s Flowers:

Back March 2013

3 Zukes, Stealth Gardening Outside Back Fence:

Back March 2013

Other side in back:

Back March 2013

One more out front, the white flowers lasted the winter as did the strawberry plant, and the white one’s have SPREAD of their own natural accord over into the lawn area and inside the rock line by front door:

Front March 2013

That’s it for now, Stargate-1 (SG-1) is on for two hours, and I’m gone. I’ll check in for comments later tonite. Best to all, show me your garden!!!

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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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