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Friday morning, foot of snow

Yesterday we saw the first red winged blackbird here, and that’s a sign that despite the foot of new snow in the yard we are on the edge of springtime.  On the first day of spring, we saw wild bunnies hiding under a van out back, foraging for fresh grass in one of the still uncovered areas now surrounded by an expanse of snow and ice.

I remember, growing up, we thought that the robins were a sign spring had come, but I think that was just a myth because I’ve noticed since then that robins are in N.TX. where I grew up year round. Of course, that could be that the winters have gotten milder since the 50’s.

Do you have signs of spring that you see now, or have they changed since your childhood?

We’ve been able to plow up a garden plot already, on one of the warm sunny days earlier this month.   That’s promising, and something the area Amish do as soon as the ground thaws enough to turn.   The snow will bring nitrogen and that fertilizes our garden. I know that I don’t fertilize house plants this early because they’ll start a growth spurt before I can set them outside for sun and warmth to support it.

Do you have a garden started, either inside with pots or outside?  What sort of fertilizing have you done so far?

It’s wonderful to me to be having this late snow, but I recall that when my kids were in their early years in MD, we never planted outside until Mother’s Day. The spring came later there, indeed.

Last year the first day of spring happened during a week of really unusually high temperatures that made the apple trees bloom. Of course, those blossoms froze and there was no apple crop in this area of NW PA. Hoping we don’t have anything of the sort this year, and that the cherry trees will have fruit this year, too.

Have you lost fruit crops this year, or last, and do you have childhood memories of the blooms coming in spring?

We had flowering peaches when I was little, and they were beautiful but produced fruit too sour to eat.  Once when I was older, in MD where we have sour peaches, I made fruit preserves with them, and that was a great way to use them.  I don’t know if we missed a boat when I was little not trying to make something with those peaches.

Cardinal, first day of Spring

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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