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Nominate Bradley Manning for The Presidential Citizen’s Award

For immediate release- let’s make this viral! We only have until March 31st. Spread this far and wide!
Nominate Bradley Manning for The Presidential Citizen’s Medal!

Info you’ll need to complete the form:
Bradley Manning
Born in Crescent, OK
Age 25 years
You’ll be asked to explain why he should receive the medal. I wrote:
“Bradley Manning has sacrificed his freedom to reveal war crimes, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors committed by the government of the United States of America. He is true hero and a true patriot. ”
You’ll be asked what impact his actions have had on the community. I wrote:
“The impact of his actions has been to reveal the deceit, the hubris and the atrocities being committed on innocent people by the government of The United States. Truth must prevail, even if the Gates of Heaven crumble.”‘
It is a forgone conclusion that the President will not award The Presidential Citizen’s Award to Bradley Manning, but the gesture will not be in vain. This is the chance for us to serve notice, directly to The White House, that growing numbers of us are fully aware of what our government is doing, and that we oppose it.
Here’s the link:

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