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Electric Car gets good review

Okay, this isn’t a big post, but after some electric car company called an NY Times reporter a liar last month for the road test review, it was nice to see a very positive review of a practical shipping car, the Renault Zoe  (no, I don’t own stock or work for the company)

I was quite content with my 1 Renault, plus in general like their diesel engines – one hopes the quality continues over car lifetime with electric power.

While a higher price than equivalent gas or diesel model, I assume that’s made up pretty quickly in gas savings.

As for the limitation of 75 miles, that’s way more than my typical city driving, and a bit over the 1-way distance to the cottage for the weekend where I presumably would recharge. Sure, there are other scenarios where that’s not sufficient, but this is a great step towards electric feasibility.

Now if someone would let me drive around Lisbon for a week in it, I’ll be happy to write an even more suck-up diary….

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