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Come Saturday Morning: The Bloom is Off the Bachmann Rose

Less than a year ago, Michele Bachmann seemed to be the Golden Girl of the GOP and its Tea Party base. She was fresh off a primary challenge to Mitt Romney that got her name and face out among the general public and not just the politics mavens, her last congressional campaign saw her soundly beating a challenger who nearly had the money to fight her dollar-for-dollar, and to top it all off, her congressional district had just been reconfigured to be more conservative than ever before.

Then last November, she faced a challenger, Jim Graves, who spent far less than she did, and in fact didn’t run very much in the way of TV or other ads even as she carpet-bombed the St. Cloud and Twin Cities media markets with millions in paid advertising — and guess what? She came within six thousand votes of losing her seat.

Ever since then, she’s been rather subdued, by her standards. It wasn’t until the recent CPAC meeting that the national media got a glimpse of the old fire-and-lie-spewing Bachmann (who promptly turned into a scared bunny rabbit when asked about her lies), but then there was a twist — this time around, her lies were challenged by fellow conservatives and Republicans like Bill O’Reilly:

Michele Bachmann’s no-good-very-bad week didn’t improve any last night when she became the target of friendly fire from Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly.

During a segment on his show last night, O’Reilly characterized Bachmann’s much-maligned CPAC blast of President Obama as the type of “nonsense” that is “obscuring serious problems in this country.”

But that’s not all. Seems that, per Jeff Kolb of the local conservative blog Look True North, a primary challenger for Bachmann has been out there since at least January, but he (and it is a “he”) is keeping quiet for the nonce, working on beating the bushes for support before going public. (H/T to Ken Avidor on this fact.)

The next few months should be most interesting where she’s concerned.

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