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WMDs And The Free Syria Act of 2013

As noted in that RT clip, while Obama was already prejudging the findings of any potential UN probe into the chemical attack…

West stalls Syria chemical attack probe in U.N.: Russia

Russia clashed with Britain and France at the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday over the scope of an investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria, accusing Western powers of trying to torpedo a potential U.N. probe…


British deputy ambassador Philip Parham and French ambassador Gerard Araud said their position, and that of the majority of council members, was that the U.N. must investigate both alleged chemical weapon attacks…

“The facts are not clear at the moment,” he said. “What we have is reports and allegations. They are very serious and they need to be investigated.”

Ja’afari said he was not aware of a second alleged chemical weapons attack on Tuesday.

“This (second) allegation was set up on purpose to torpedo the investigation on the real use of chemical weapons which took place in Aleppo,” he told reporters. “If there were any good intentions on the part of the French delegation they should have supported the Syrian request (for an investigation).”

Churkin said France, the United States and Britain also wanted to saddle their request for a U.N. investigation into chemical weapons attacks with additional matters such as humanitarian access in Syria.

“To me, a concern which I expressed in the council, was that this was really a way to delay the need for immediate, urgent investigation of allegations pertaining to March 19 by raising all sorts of issues,” he said…

“Instead of launching those propaganda balloons I think it’s much better to get our focus right,” said Churkin, who is president of the Security Council for March. “As far as I know there is only one allegation of the use of chemical weapons … there have been no other allegations.”

Let’s delve even further…

Evidence suggests chemical weapon not used in Syria -official

It increasingly appears that a chemical weapon was not used in Syria this week, a U.S. official said Thursday, although officials cautioned that U.S. intelligence agencies have not yet reached a final conclusion.

“Our growing sense is that weaponized CW was not used,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Still, the official left open the possibility that information could arise that changed the analysis.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government and rebels accused each other of using chemical weapons in a rocket attack near Aleppo on Tuesday that killed 26 people.

A European security official said that if chemical weapons or other “weapons of mass destruction” had been fired off, the casualty toll would be much higher than 26.

The official said he did not believe that the evidence showed chemical weapons had been used.

After the attack on Tuesday, some of those hospitalized told a Reuters photographer they detected a strong smell of chlorine in the air and that many victims had fallen down dead after the blast…

Now, what I suspect had happened, was that some enterprising Salafists decided to rig some explosives to a large canister of Chlorine…! Yee-Haw, a twofer…!

Yet, never wont to pass on a golden opportunity…

Democrats and Republicans unite around calls for more aggressive Syria policy

As concerns grow about the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria, the debate is shifting rapidly on Capitol Hill as top Democrats and Republicans urge President Barack Obama to do more to support the Syrian opposition — even through military intervention.

The latest example came late Thursday, when House Foreign Affairs ranking Democrat Eliot Engel (D-NY) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) introduced a new bill calling on the Obama administration to arm the Syrian rebels.

Called the “Free Syria Act of 2013,” the legislation calls for increased humanitarian and economic assistance to the Syrian opposition as well as arms, training, and intelligence support to vetted rebel groups that share Western values.

“President Assad’s days are numbered as the situation in Syria goes from bad to worse. No longer can we watch as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster unfolds before our very eyes,” Engel told The Cable. “We are long past due to arm friendly rebels and turn the tide to allow for a more hopeful Syrian future. Ridding Syria of Assad will provide a strategic setback to Iran, which uses Syria as a pass-through to prop up their terrorist proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

‘(T)o vetted rebel groups that share Western values.’

Honestly, folks, who are we kidding here…?

The US is helping build an Islamic Emirate in Syria

– American government liaison people are mouthing the line that there are good islamists and then there are bad Islamists. We have been doing that kind of thing for a decade. Egypt seems to have taught us nothing. Lang’s Postulate – “Islamist governments ALWAYS want just two things. These are attainment and retention of absolute power, and creations of a sharia law state.”

The bottom line is that the US is now participating in the creation of a sharia law state in Syria, pl

Even the paleolithic Pat Buchanan nailed it…

Goading Gullible America Into War

What’s going on here?

It does not require Inspector Clouseau to surmise this may be a fabrication to stampede the ever-gullible Americans into plunging into Syria to win the war for the al-Qaida-saturated Syrian rebels.

But sucking America into Syria’s civil war is only a near-term goal for the War Party, which is after larger game — greasing the skids for a U.S. war on Iran.

And lest we underestimate the War Party, the likelihood is they will get their war. For they have already gotten Obama to make concessions that are steering us inexorably toward such a war…

In wrapping up, Pepe still rulz… Real liars go to Tehran…


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