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Thoughts on War, 10 Years Post Shock and Awe

This is short because the scam is a very, very simple one.

The beauty of initiating war is that among the conventional thinkers who dominate any society there can be no questioning or reappraisal of the wisdom or rationale for doing so. While the conflict is in the hot phase, you must be seen to “support the troops” which means not questioning the mission. Then later, nobody wants to hear their sons, brothers and friends have died for no good reason so retrospective judgments are off the table as well. Once the bombs start falling, the bullets start flying and the maimed victims and body bags start their glorious patriotic assembly line march home, you can call anyone questioning it “unpatriotic” and the charge will find traction. The more kids you can kill, the more sacrosanct the mission becomes. Is there any better way to poison a political opposition? And the more ridiculous and pointless the war, the better this works because then the opposition will be more likely to take the bait. You just have to get the initial sell done using whatever lies are necessary. Then you are set.

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Kurt Sperry

Kurt Sperry