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Cartoon Friday Watercooler

It’s Cartoon Friday again!

This week I offer a selection from another favorite series, Home Movies. Running for four seasons starting in 1999, the show followed three pre-teens — Brendon, Jason and Melissa — as they created cinematic masterpieces with their video camera, some imagination, and a lot of witty repartee. The episodes usually alternated between footage of film and filmmaking with the everyday sitcom adventures of the kids and their families. The show managed to perfectly combine snark about Hollywood and the artistic temperament with skillful observational humor about growing up and the struggles of both being a kid and adulthood. The characters grew with the series which featured one of the most bittersweet endings ever in a TV comedy.

Duane is an older boy whose band Scäb creates the soundtrack to many of the films the kids create. In “Director’s Cut” from season one, he presents Brendon and company with a script for a rock opera based on the life and works of Franz Kafka. But Brendon mostly wants to work on his newest creation, Louis Louis, “a fictional meeting between Louis Pasteur and Louis Braille.”

Home Movies was created by Loren Bouchard and Brendon Small. Brendon Small, who voiced his namesake, also created the hilariously twisted Metalocalypse. H Jon Benjamin, one of the great comic actors of our time, appeared in Home Movies as the inebriated, incompetent Coach McGurk. Benjamin and Bouchard can now be found collaborating on Bob’s Burgers, which is the only remaining part of Fox’s Sunday animation bloc that deserves weekly viewing. It shares a certain sweetness and sarcasm with Home Movies, as well as a love of musical comedy.

The style of animation, which uses a computer process to mimic hand drawn cartoons, was based on a previous cartoon, Dr. Katz, which also featured H Jon Benjamin. The style was dropped after the first season. If you find this wiggling too distracting, try a later episode like “The Wizard’s Baker.”

What are your favorite cartoons? I might select one for a future installment of Cartoon Friday.

This is also our latest MyFDL watercooler. Come chat about anything in the comments below!

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