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Ed DeMarco, still kissing Bankers’ Ass-ets

From Coester (An Appraisal Management Service).

The evaluation report released this morning by the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has triggered a call for a Congressional hearing. The OIG report claimed that servicers employed by Freddie Mac have not handled the serious category of consumer complaint termed “escalated” in a timely manner nor reported them correctly to Freddie Mac. OIG also found significant deficiencies in the oversight of servicers by Freddie Mac and of Freddie Mac by FHFA and that no penalties had been imposed on services for failure to conform to agency and company servicing guidelines.

It seems the Banksters (Mortgage Servicers) have yet again not followed the rules, damaging homeowners, and have not been punished. Ed DeMarco, asshole Acting Administrator of the FHFA is, yet again, protecting the Banks and not at all interested in the citizens of this country.

Is there any actions we citizens can take? Qui Tam actions?

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