Wow. Just… wow. Okay, admittedly Google Counsel Richard Salgado could have done a better job of explaining that internet advertising isn’t really all that different from traditional advertising, just with better and more dynamic targeting, but in all fairness he probably didn’t think he’d need to. My condensed transcript for those of you who don’t have time for videos or Louie Gohmert:

Gohmert: “Isn’t it true that you sell your Gmail users’ data to your corporate customers so they can send ads to them?”

Salgado: “Well no.”

Gohmert: “So couldn’t you therefore sell the same kind of data to the government BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI?”

Salgado: “Wait… what?”

Gohmert: “HuffPo reporters are simpletons.”

Sensenbrenner: “My son is a HuffPo reporter.”

Gohmert: “Oh. Mumble grumble mumble.”

And one direct quote because there is no way I can do it justice:

Salgado: “Sir, I think those are apples and oranges. The disclosure of the identity-”

Gohmert: “Well, I’m not asking for a fruit comparison.”

Your Congress at work.

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