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Weld County Sheriff won’t enforce gun laws

I live in Weld County, Colorado. Governor Hickenlooper signed three gun control laws into effect today a few hours after the director of Corrections was gunned down in his home. I’m sure there was no connection. RIGHT. And just to make sure everyone knows we are just the Wild, WILD WEST, the Sheriff of Weld County has declared he will refuse to enforce any laws “he” considers unconstitutional. Him being a constitutional scholar and all. SO, since I figure I’m as much a scholar as the sheriff,  I guess its okay for me to only obey the laws I consider “Constitutional”? GOODY!! There’s all kinds of things I keep hearing are against the law that I’ve just been dying to do! And I think the laws against them are all unconstitutional.

I can already smoke pot given where I live, but I sheriff “Constitution” thinks I shouldn’t be able to do that. What?  Oh well. Speeding for instance. Where the hell do they get off telling me I can’t driver however damned fast I want to? And ride my horse drunk. My nephew got arrested for that once. I DON’T EVEN THINK THAT’S A REAL LAW.  And who cares if he was only 17? What gives them the right to say he can’t drink?  Oh, and fireworks. What the hell gives that sheriff the right to say I can’t let off fireworks just because it’s a little dry out? I think that’s for sure unconstitutional. If a few trees and houses burn, oh well. It’s my interpretation of the Constitution that counts and who cares who gets hurt. Isn’t that the point? My rights over everyone else’s?  The list goes on and on. It’s party time!   IN FACT why bother having a Sheriff in the first place, if he isn’t bound to enforce the law passed by Colorado Legislators? He’s a waste of taxpayer money. I don’t think he needs to be paid to sit on his ass.

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