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We must hang together… h/t to BF

Benjamin Franklin shared many words of wisdom with his fellow American patriots, but perhaps none more relevant to our times than these:

We must all hang together, or surely, we will all hang separately!”

The moment is right for 99% of all Americans to find common ground in opposing the predations of the 1% and their minions. Our corporate overlords have been busy trying to stack the deck in their favor, but they will fail to maintain their gains in the class war as long as we simply refuse to be divided and conquered.

I’ve been very encouraged in recent weeks by discussions with a socially conservative neighbor, who has progressed from knee-jerk condemnations of “socialized medicine,” to becoming a volunteer for Single Payer New York!  He is busy re-educating himself on many issues, and realizes that he’s been conned by “that crowd of crooks on Wall St. and the media that they own.”

We need to reach out to all Americans who are being ground down by the fat-cats and their minions. They will begin to rise against oppression, left and right, young and old, blue and white collar.   We put aside partisan differences to defeat Hitler. We can do the same to defeat the new worldwide corporate fascist regime.  Are we not as brave as the people of Cyprus?

Right now many Americans have poked their nose outside of the veal pen. They are blinking in the harsh glare of police-state searchlights, saying to themselves WTF??!? Our future depends on not scaring them back into their pens with rigid ideological purity tests, or harsh questioning of their motives.

If I can find a few hundred vegans with impeccable histories of advocating for gay marriage, closing Guantanamo, and so forth, I can lead them to a rally where we’ll all be dispersed or arrested. If I’m willing to work with a few cheeseburger chomping folks as well, half a million of us in the streets can overwhelm the forces of repression and ensure the word gets out about our rage against the machine.

We commoners have more real grievances to bring us together than the elites have hyped up controversies to drive us apart. If we truly embrace what Ben Franklin was trying to say then we can take our country back.

Know Justice, Know Peace. No Justice, No Peace. No War but Class War!!

See you on the streets May 1st!!

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