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Over Easy: Water News

Good morning everyone! Today’s post is brief; I am experiencing a temporary health issue.

For an excellent read about water, I recommend the April, 2010 special issue of National Geographic, titled Water: Our Thirsty World. There is a fresh water crisis, such that by 2050 a third of the people on Earth may lack a clean, secure source of water.

Rank-and-file senators working on a sweeping new water bill have a message for Harry Reid: We’re available.

Water and Sanitation Seek Rightful Place in Post-2015 Agenda. Now, as the United Nations begins the process of formulating a new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for its post-2015 agenda, there is a campaign to underscore the importance of water and sanitation, so that the world body will get it right the second time around.

NOAA proposes plan to address environmental injuries from 2005 Gulf oil spill. The draft plan describes the steps NOAA has taken to see if natural resources, such as marine habitats, were injured by the nearly two million gallon spill, as well as the extent of those injuries.

Hanford contractors outline cleanup delays. Hanford is the most contaminated superfund site in the Western Hemisphere, and it still isn’t cleaned up. Contamination from the site affects the Columbia River, and yet, Nearly 250 Laid off at Wash. Hanford Nuclear Site. The Department of Energy announced that 235 people will be laid off, and more than 2,500 will be furloughed for several weeks, as a result of automatic federal budget cuts. Amazing, isn’t it?

Pollution is the cause of water shortages. Continued pollution of water bodies is the cause of current shortages across the country, according the Water Resources Commission (WRC).

New Mexico’s water crisis forces tough choice for Carlsbad Irrigation District.
Senate Bill 462, co-sponsored by Sen. Carroll Leavell, R-Eddy and Lea, and Rep. Cathrynn Brown, R-Eddy, would have provided $2.5 million to the Carlsbad Irrigation District farmers, who say they are not getting the water they are entitled to, but the junior right water right owners are pumping their maximum.

The US Drought Monitor is updated each week. Currently, sections of the midwest are in exceptional drought conditions.

A Model for Reducing Emissions
. In this article is the statement, “But fracking also appears, against all odds, to have brought Mr. Obama’s early, hopeful promise to cut CO2 emissions by 17 percent between 2005 and 2020 within reach.” This seems a strange goal, since fracking is water-intensive, and Fracking could pollute coastal water sources.

3.41 million people die from water, sanitation and hygiene-related causes each year. While we may take water for granted, much of the world has an inadequate supply of this very basic resource.

Tribal water rights save rivers and communities. Recent news of the Klamath Tribe’s victory in a water rights battle after 38 years of court proceedings came as no surprise to the Hoopa Valley Tribe. Hoopa knows that tribal water rights and tribal trust are the most powerful tools for restoring the west’s salmon rivers. The Endangered Species Act only prevents extinction, but tribal trust goes further by requiring restoration of abundance.

If you have links about water, oceans, fresh water, and the current state of water, please share. Also, off topic is welcome as well at Over Easy!

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