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Fannie Mae and Bank of America Continue Evicting Our Neighbors

Although the homeowner has an approved mortgage loan (from a local bank), Bank of America and Fannie Mae have yet to let him buy “back” his own home. Instead, an eviction order will be in effect, as of March 21st.

This story is like so many others, involving fraud, robo-signing, a mortgage counselor who defrauded customers, denial of a jury trial, etc..

If this eviction is carried out, it will affect not only the homeowner and his fiancee, but also a severely ill gentleman who lives in the home. He has undergone a double transplant and is unable to live alone.

Occupy Traverse City has started a phone/email campaign to try and get this eviction stopped. Details here, if you can help. We are also looking for more phone numbers, fax numbers or emails to add to the list. If you know of any, you can email us at, or message us at our Facebook page.

Thank you!

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