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Americans were the last to know..Ten Years into Global Hegemony #Iraq

This may or may not turn into a REALLY long piece. So much to say; so much has happened. I find myself with pages to say in my mind only to approach the keyboard and become mute. How can a person articulate the losses we have suffered since the War in Iraq began? And I do NOT want to play the hegemonic victim role here..America’s losses are NOTHING compared to what poor Iraq (and the World) has lost.

I feel that while 9/11 traumatized the American Psyche, it was not until the run-up to the War in Iraq that we actually stepped into Bizarro World. While what happened in New York was at once both heart shattering and was not until the run-up to the War in Iraq that we actually became mad…and I don’t mean angry here…I mean STARK RAVING MAD.

Ten Years. THE LIES. The Soul of America. THE LIES. A controlled Media. THE LIES. The persecution of anyone who dissents. THE LIES. The Loss of Free Speech. THE LIES. The loss of Critical Thinking. THE LIES.  The COMPLETE ANNIHILATION of our Economy. THE LIES. Our Reputation around the world – THE LIES – and I’m under no illusions that America has been some kind of “Angel”. NOW I know about what we have done to the American Indians..and South America – I know about Iran…AND Iraq, Afghanistan,  Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, the list seems ENDLESS – each one a new stab to my heart.  But GODDAMMIT, we Americans were the LAST ONES to know.

The rest of the World knew..they LIVED IT. YES – we now know America the stole your land – and continues to;  we know about their murderous policies, the rise of the Multinationals, the stealing of your National Resources, the forcing of Neo-Liberalism. SUCH a great system Capitalism is that is has to be introduced from the end of a gun..

…but forgive us, we were the LAST to find out what a FARCE this “America” was…and we MOURN who we THOUGHT we were..the pain is no less real because we were THE LAST TO KNOW. It’s like there are TWO Americas..the real one..and the one they told us we were.

I cannot forgive them for what they have done to you world..and I cannot forgive myself for not knowing it sooner.

Turns out, you will have the last laugh as these maniacs are now turning their murderous intentions and policies inward..upon us. We will soon join you in your pain, your loss. In the beginning there was the Patriot Act (the cynical name should have tipped us off)..dragnet spying, the FISA Act, The NDAA authorizing indefinite detention of Americans, HR 347 prohibiting protest, and just lately a (non) debate on the assassination of Americans – even on American Soil..

Laugh, world, laugh..we’ll laugh together ..through our tears..


Hey, You…fellow Americans, PLEASE WAKE UP. You are NOT the Americans you thought you were.

Guess I’m mute after all as I intended this to be at least 12 Bajillion pages much to say, but there are just NO WORDS.



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