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Rolling Jubilee Peoples Bailout Buys 1.2 Million in Medical Debt

On March 14th Strike Debt proudly announced the second in a series of Medical Debt Bailouts. Over 1 million Dollars in Medical Debt was purchased and abolished providing relief to over 1,000 people with an average of $900 per person. This is a testament to the Strike Debt’s dedication to details on this project maximizing its effectiveness by evaluating the best options to provide the greatest good. The majority of the portfolio will absolve the emergency room debts of people in Kentucky and Indiana mitigating the circumstance create by our nations for profit healthcare system. 62% of bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical debt and 75% of those people had health insurance when then incurred the debt. Heath care is a human right and the Rolling Jubilee has brought some humanity to the Midwest.

The Rolling Jubilee has been Rolling since November 15th and shows no signs of stopping so far over $570,000 has been raised and close to 12 Million has been forgiven. That is about a 20 to 1 ratio as a former debt collector I find it inspiring to see the effort and effectiveness that has been placed into this project. Strike Debt is following this announcement up with a series of actions on March 21st in Bryant Park there will be a rally and protest against Private Insurance Companies at 4pm. Then on the 23rd at Judson Church there will be a Free Health Fair and March to highlight hospital closings with  on call to answer questions online all day at


For More information on the Rolling Jubilee visit

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John Washington

John Washington