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Over Easy: Monday Science



Lightning! And other science bits.

Fishing is still restricted off Fukushima. Notice that the radiation levels are NOT going down? Also, radioactive black crud found 100km SOUTH of Fukushima. They think it’s a fungus that likes radiation and concentrates radio-actives. Tokyo is 240km south of Fukushima, for reference.

There is a thriving bacteria community at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. As a thought exercise, explain why there cannot be life in Jupiter’s atmosphere, given that we’ve found bacteria that can individually tolerate all the conditions? We’d just need to find one that could tolerate ALL of them.

Here’s one that lives by geological heat.

Well, they’re finally officially calling it the Higgs. Well, A Higgs, at least.

An obvious consequence to mindless budget cuts: Brain Drain.

Good News: Though the vote was 9-8, Oklahoma kills a bill described as “anti-science.”

100Mw solar plant now online…in UAE!!! I’d guess their plan is to generate their needs via solar and export oil.

As a resident of the Land of the Crazy Winds, this does not make me feel good.

The Swift telescope discovers the youngest known supernova remnant in our galaxy, at something under 3000 years. 3000 years is NOTHING on the cosmic timescale.

I promised some interesting things on lightening. It shoots antimatter into space. And it may well be the cause of your headaches. It may tell us thundercloud height from space. This would enable more accurate weather forecasts. We’re making progress shielding solar arrays from it’s effects. And it just plain looks cool.

It’s no longer a fantasy that we could bring back extinct species. My bet is the Mammoth will be the first. We have the best DNA, a suitable surrogate in the elephant, and mammoths are cool looking and basically harmless to humans. National Geographic asks if that’s a good idea.

Evidence of water on Mars in massive amounts. As for life, the evidence gets stronger than it could be.

Lake Vostok life discovery questioned. I warned about contamination when I posted the first report.

This is bad. It’s spreading person to person, though slowly. 50% mortality rate so far.

Major solar blast cause of tree ring Anomaly? If so, it was about 70 times as powerful as the blast that took out Quebec in 1989. And only about 1300 years ago.

World’s cutest squid?

Boxturtle (I enjoyed this slideshow and music)

Photo by Gunnvor Karita released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.


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