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Come Saturday Morning: Anything and Everything

— Turns out, per an Australian study, that “windfarm sickness” is felt mostly by those persons exposed to anti-wind propaganda.

Why do MRIs cost $280 in France and anywhere from $400 to $1080 in DC? It’s not because high costs in the US are subsidizing medical research: “We pay twice as much for brand-name drugs as most other industrialized countries… But the drug companies spend only 12 percent of their revenues on innovation. So yes, some of that money goes to innovation, but only 12 percent of it.”

— Marriage equality still isn’t the law of the land the State of Michigan — except for the area controlled by the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians. As of yesterday, any couple where at least one of the prospective spouses is a member of the band can now be legally wed.

— Aren’t fluffy white couch dogs adorable?

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Phoenix Woman