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The Ides of March

I am a dirty, hippie Satanist…Oh, and I am not very polite and I am ill-mannered, as well. That’s according to a textbook used by voucher schools in Louisiana.

Voucher schools are schools that offer “alternative” educational opportunities to the youth of Louisiana by way of tax vouchers issued by the state. Parents take the voucher money and enroll their children in schools that teach them (among other things) that people and dinosaurs lived side-by-side.

I’ve managed to obtain some excerpts from some of the textbooks used by these Louisiana voucher schools. I think you’ll find them interesting.

The Civil War

Before the Civil War (1860-1865) white people and the Nigras they owned lived, for the most part, in harmony in an agrarian partnership. The Nigras would do all the work, and the white people that owned them would feed and usually clothe the Nigras.

Occasionally, a Nigra might get up to some shenanigans that required correction, but the whippings were merciful and done with very, very soft leather bullwhips.

The white people that lived in the northern states weren’t smart enough to own Nigras so they got jealous and started a war whose sole purpose was to get southern white people to share their Nigras. This desire to share the Nigras was thwarted by the northern dictator Abraham Lincoln when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation which said that if the south wouldn’t share, then no one could own Nigras.

Earth Science

Six-thousand years ago, give or take a couple of weeks, God created the heavens and the earth and all the animals and then he created Adam and Eve (not Adam and Steve) to have dominion over all the animals.

There were cute little kittens and cows and fire-breathing dragons, but the biggest problems Adam and Eve faced were not sinning and keeping the dinosaurs out of the petunias.

One day, Eve screwed the whole thing up by eating of the forbidden fruit and getting Adam to eat some, as well. That’s when all the dinosaurs died and Eve started having periods and PMS. Eve ruined everything.

The Civil Rights Movement

In 1954, some Nigras started complaining about not being allowed to pee where the white people peed. They wanted to go to white people’s schools because they had ruined their schools by leaving MD 20/20 bottles and half-empty malt liquor cans all over the place.

Somehow the Nigras got a pushy lawyer to sue the white people and eventually the Supreme Communist Court of the United States said white people had to start going to school with Nigras.

Then Martin Luther King took time from sleeping with anything in a skirt to agitate perfectly happy Nigras into wanting to eat at the lunch counters in stores and to give up their preferred seating at the back of buses.

When a bunch of Nigras tried to attack Selma, Alabama, the white people defended themselves, but the northern media turned the whole thing around to make the white people look bad. That’s when Lyndon B. Johnson rammed the Voting Rights Act through Congress.

In 1967, the Supreme Communist Court of the United States said it was legal for Nigras and white people to get married…that’s when all Hell broke loose. Martin Luther King got killed in a gang drive-by shooting and Nigras tried to burn several major cities to the ground.

The Ku Klux Klan

First organized in the early 1860s, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was a community group that wanted to introduce sanitary medical practices into the lives of Nigras. They wore sterile white gowns and sterile white hoods to minimize the transfer of germs during medical procedures like tar and feathering and lynching.

The KKK has been infiltrated by different law enforcement agencies (the FBI, for example) during its history. That’s where the lies about its philosophy were started. The KKK concept of white supremacy refers to the belief that sterile white gowns and hoods should be used exclusively when treating the diseases of the Nigra.

President Obama

This Kenya-born, Muslim, communist stole the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections with the help of the New Black Panthers, ACORN, and dirty, Satanist hippies.

Since his election, Barack Obama has worked tirelessly to turn America into a place where hard-working white people have to foot the bill for Nigras, white trash, and the other, not-white people in America that refuse to work no matter how many jobs rich white people create.


If ignorance is bliss, the kids in Louisiana voucher schools must be the most blissed out people in America. These are the kids that will grow up one day and get jobs wiping my ass in the old folk’s home.

Perhaps by then they will be able to tell my ass from a hole in the ground…I can only hope.

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