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There is a guitar playing some where in America to a tune of a song that is reduce to the absurd. Why all of this dust up about The North Korean Dictator and his new best friend forever? Is it because he wearing platform shoe from the 70’s ? They are not Prada. I must have gotten this North Korean Dictator mix-up with his father. Is it because (” ceaseless nuclear blackmail and sanctions racket”) failed to work any more because they have Nuclear weapons too and are looking for new ways to deliver them?

In 2002, George Bush The Dimer lumped North Korea into an “an axis of evil” with Iran and Iraq.The U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003,George Bush The Dimer advocated “regime change” in Iran and implied in Pyongyang also. The Obama Administration no longer advocated “regime change” they went for the starvation diet and sanctions on the menu. The New Administration feels this paranoia nation pains that is now suffering from Miss-a meal cramps who has allot of nuclear weapons. This is where art started to imitate life. The tears of Washington Clown Posse make it views known. They will eat flesh and suck the marrow from anyone bones who dare to go against the so-called experts. Who could do it better than the ones who went to the best universities, military colleges,and the best cocktail parties. Some have won prizes in literature and now sit on boards of fortune 500 companies .Some sit on think tank boards policy institute boards which is misnomer for our team of Economic Hit-men that are disperse like Corexit  into poor nations of the world with the backing of The New Caesar Military The U.S. Military.

The Washington Pundits Class were taken aback when this brute, this nobody, this Dennis Rodman (“Shock Zulu”) stole their thunder by becoming The North Korea Dictator only Black Friend. Some were befuddle, and ask why The North Korean Dictator couldn’t rent him a Black friend from Amazon dot com or buy him one from The state of Mississippi? It was on the new that night that The North Korean Dictator Kim Jong UN had one Black friend.They also felt that this entity name Dennis Rodman had the temerity to convey to our only acknowledged Black Caesar President that Kim Kong UN said to “Call him maybe”.

After Clutching their pearls for a micro second ,The Beltway Pundit Class sent for a Clintonian Refugee name George Stephanopoulos who’s name remind you of some type of staph or strep infections. A Refugee from The Clinton Administration who once tried to convince you that “It never rain in Southern California” on their watch [exp.DADT,DOMA, NAFTA ,The Violent Control Act of 1994 ,”I did not have sexual relationship with that woman”and The Repeal Of Glass-steagall Act The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 ].The one and only Boy George Stephanopoulos who have a M.A. in theology at Balliol College who spent much of his time trying to root” his political leanings in the deeper philosophies”in his early career. Boy George not the singer George Alan O’Dowdn who now claim to be some kind of politician turn journalist in a booster chair. He begins to question Dennis Rodman on why Kim Jong Un had just one Black Friend. “He loves power. He loves control,” Rodman said, of his new “friend.” “But guess what?He doesn’t want war. That’s one thing he doesn’t want.” He went on to tell Boy George in that interview. “No, I’m not apologizing for him,” Rodman said. “You know, he’s a good guy to me. Guess what? He’s my friend. I don’t condone what he does … [but] as a person to person – he’s my friend.” Boy George went on to lecture Dennis Rodman on the evils of men like Kim Jong Un and all the political prisoners he has in jail. Dennis Rodman push back by stating that we had political prisoner too. Dennis Rodman theatrics and cross talk I’m pretty sure did not get him toss off The New Donald Trump Show. He should have use some of his basket talk to tell Boy George that maybe President Obama should be trying to be more like “Mike” Michael Jordan with a game of pickup basket ball ,instead of “Ike” not Ike turner , with a bunch of golf clubs, he would probably get better results from his NBFF New Best Friends Forever. I do not think that interview did Boy George any good. because Dennis Rodman made him look like the one who was stuck on stupid in his booster chair ordered  from The Staple Catalog.

The Beltway Pundit Class in Washington were left clutching their pearls and sipping mint juleps with episodes of melancholy. Over in The U.S. Senate the high school drama queen extraordinaire Senator Lindsey Graham and his “butch” friend Senator Johnny Short Arms McCain will finally have something to talk about besides Benghazi,Libya, while in The U.S House Of Representatives Norman Bates Paul Ryan from 1960 version of Psycho passing the same bill over and over again against women , poor people and to repeal “Obama Don’t Care ” where the definition of insanity have long been forgotten.

The Blacks on Parade in The Beltway Pundit Class in Washington were scarcer than “frogs in a dynamite pond”.They had to find a creditable” person “Of Color,”preferable a “Black Male” to show Dennis Rodman his place in the pecking order, and to find out how he got his “scorecard” . Rev, Al Sharpton was to busy being President Obama ” special water boy” and calling attention to the alleged three known bigots and racist of The Supreme Court {Chief Justice John Roberts Crack Corn ,Justice Fat Tony Antonin Scalia, and Justice Ruckus Clarence Thomas} to deal with this Dennis Rodman issue. The Second Coming of Obama Cory Booker was out chasing or saving a cat because “it was the dog in him”. Professor Eric Dyson is out writing a New Testament to The New Holy Seed Obama in Cuneiform and cursing those three blasphemers Travis Smiley, Glenn Ford, and Dr. Cornell West. He is probably leading the discussion’s right now “with his high falutin discourse and revolutionary rhetoric on the subject” of how to place GPS tracking devices on paedophile priest . Harold Ford Jr. the opportunistic self-loathing sociopath is probably to busy with his Wall Street Whoring(not to be confuse with anything sexual in nature). He probably ” see smoke that is dreams in his coffee” while using a Rebel Flag as a back drop stating that he still hates terrorists “no mater how small”. They couldn’t called Rev.Jessie Jackson, because he have fallen out of favor plus, I believe his hand are full, dealing with his new baby mama drama. His son Jessie Jr. is on his way to jail for stealing because playing crazy didn’t work. We know OJ Simpson is not available because he is still lockup, not for murders but for taking his own stuff back. Colin Powell is still walking around saying “I support President Obama”and lying to himself with that vial of so- called Anthrax white powder in his pocket that he presented to The United Nations in February of 2003. The Alleged perpetrator of torture and Alleged co-conspirator of other crimes against humanity Condoleezza Rice is to busy with The Grim Reaper filling out her application on-line with lies and alibis at “God Match dot com”. Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post is not available because he had to tear a hole in his world and escape from the closet that R. Kelly is still trapped in.

Mister Ed not the horse from The Ed Shultz Show finally had enough,and decided to called up Toucan Sam Stephen A Smith not the bird from their minor league team over at ESPN. Mister Ed asked Toucan Sam Stephen A Smith about this interloper becoming The North Korean Dictator only Black friend ? Toucan Sam Stephen A Smith roll his thin lips back and show his white teeth suddenly realize he couldn’t use his favorite phrase,”Negro Please” substituted for the N word so he let it dissipate in his mouth because he was talking to this big head white guy name “Mister Ed”. So Toucan Sam Stephen A. Smith went into a diatribe about Dennis Rodman failings as a five time world champion basket ball player. He went on to state he did not know how Dennis Rodman obtain his “scorecard”. It was all designed to self promote and secure his position as a serious pundit through subterfuge. Toucan Sam Stephen A Smith definitely gives off a militant vibe, like the liquor store is closing and it’s Saturday night. I guess he can’t believe they are actually paying him for what he is doing.

Here we are left with the last Black Male Washington Post Journalist of The Pundit Class. Let is not confuse Timonthy Two-stroke Eugene Robinson a Carl Rowan Fan with the late great giant Carl Rowan who was “The Bogart And Bacall Of Journalism”, with today’s members of The Pundit Class . Just to refresh you memory, in 2012 when Crazy Richard John “Rick”Santorum was running for dog catcher (President on the Republican Crazy Train) in the Republican Clown Car, Crazy Rick accidentally felt out of the Republican Clown Car. He must have hit his head because he started to say allot of ” things that made you go hm-mm” and check out his whole family for mental disorders. Timonthy Two-stroke Eugene Robinson made these facts known on his pundit tour of the new media talk shows. He forget basic definition of a Catch-22,”a situation in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of inherent illogical rules or conditions. Joe Scarborough the modern day version of ” Jethro Bodine” call out Timonthy Two-stroke Eugene Robinson about calling his friend Crazy Rick weird. Yes Jethro Bodine Joe Scarorough does have a show. It’s called Morning Joe which is a weekday bastardized morning talk show on MS NBC, with Jethro Bodine Joe Scarborough and Milka Brzezinski which was started in 2007 . They say Jethro Joe use teach high school, This is probably why Johnny can’t establish or verify facts “Johnny can’t Reason”. The show was started when Don Imus went rogue being his racist, bigot, and xenophobic self causing an embarrassing scene in front of his liberals Black and White friends by calling a Black Women’s basketball team”nappy-headed hoes”, which he later got fired for. So Timonthy Two-stroke Eugene Robinson had to go on Jethro Joe Show and eat crow or possum off the pool table Granny’s fancy Eating table (“certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody, especially Mr. Santorum,” Robinson also said. Robinson wanted the audience to know that he was just discussing Santorum’s views, which he considers “extreme”). His dancing on the subject matter gave hope and excitement to The Pod people  The Right. They call it the “Bill Bojangles Robinson Defense” no relationship. I know it hard out there being a pimp journalist But before he went home to wash the grease of possum fat or crow feathers from his his mouth maybe he finally realize to never call crazy people heroes “weird”. He should have ask that highly paid celebrity gasbag name Jethro Joe what really happen that resulted in the death of Mrs. Klausitus on July 20, 2001 Please do not tell us her name was Miss Jane Hathaway, and can you really swim in Granny’s cement pond? That probably would have brought out of him a George Allen ” Macaca moment” . Mister Ed had Timonthy Two-stroke Eugene Robinson on his show to talk about Dennis Rodman being The North Korean Dictator only Black friend.It was just like manna from heaven. With a hiccup in his voice he said “what can I say you know Dennis”. He made the existence of any facts or consequences of the said entity call Dennis Rodman less probable to be taking seriously . His opinions and hearsay’s was wrap in superficial facts.”I mean seriously what, the hell does a Dennis Rodman know about flying a kite?”Yes Timonthy Two-stroke ,Eugene Robinson also was from ” Master Harold And The Boys”, a metaphor For The Washington Post and The Beltway Pundit class.They areThe Creme de la Crème of The Washington Establishment . A place where institutionalized racism. bigotry and hatred are allowed to flourish and propagate at home as well as abroad. You see it was all” Much to do about nothing”. Nothing to see here, move alone all “you American rejects”!

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