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Late Night: Questions for Michele Bachmann

You may have been wondering what Michele Bachmann has been up to ever since her too-close-for-comfort win over a challenger she outspent by more than twelve-to-one in a district that had just had its most liberal part (namely the city of Stillwater) removed. Then again, you may not have, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Back in late February, the longtime connoisseurs of cray-cray at the Dump Bachmann blog had been cautiously optimistic that Bachmann’s subdued attitude since her electoral near-death experience nearly four months prior might actually be of lasting duration. Alas, it was not to be: Her recent appearance at Patrick Henry College featured such howlers as “[Christianity] is far more politicized on the left…. I would say in the last twenty years, there’s been a marked decline in Christian conservatives involved in the public square” and “We’re seeing a movement now in the United States where there is an effort to push Sharia law compliance and that takes away rights for individuals. That takes away rights for women” (that last is particularly ironic coming from the same mouth that uttered “Be submissive, wives”). She’s also signed on to appear next month at the 2013 edition of a major local conservative shindig called “The Awakening”, sharing top billing with her frequent confederate in craziness Bradley Dean “Bradlee Dean” Smith.

But the most substantive proof that the Bachmann leopard has not really changed her spots is her post-election voting record, particularly her “no” vote on the Violence against Women Act. She was the only member, Republican or Democrat, of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation to vote against the VAWA.

With all this in mind, I think it might behoove a reporter to take advantage of an upcoming Bachmann photo opportunity — er, press conference concerning expansion of state highways next Monday morning at 10:00 — to ask her about her “no” vote on VAWA.

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