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Congressional Research Service Undermined

I don’t know why I try. The saddest fact about America right now is that the media outlets and authors, obviously mostly the MSM, refuse to state some simple facts. Maybe they’re just being lazy. I realize deadlines get in the way of Tea with Hillary, a White House party (hey, over here, look at me!!), and daily asskissing of the PTP. Enough.

I read this about Republicans spiking a Congressional Research Service report showing how full of it they are regarding taxing the rich and how the world will collapse if anybody tries it. Of course, these Republicans forget how Teddy Roosevelt came down on the rich, stating nobody should be richer, and thereby more powerful, than the American government. Most importantly, if you invented something and worked for it, your taxes were lower than a banker. I can blame, however, not just the “reporters” stenographers, but even Obama and his minions as well.  When you realize, though, that he isn’t about to attack the same people who fund the Republicans, you get the picture. Speaking of pictures, when I saw the poster museum in Germany, I remember the one of Hitler with his favorite saying, “millions support behind me.” Although Hitler was referring to the millions of average Germans supporting him, the poster showed the “millions” being money handed to him by bankers and industrialists. Wouldn’t that be a cool poster today?

Which gets me to this article:

The Congressional Research Service is non-partisan. It is a part of the Library of Congress and has some incredibly talented and hard-working analysts. They write a variety of reports for Congressmen and women. One reason the assault weapons ban was lifted was due to the CRS report regarding an analysis of mass shootings and the ban. Since the ban had no effect whatsoever on mass shootings, Republicans were able to lift the assault weapons ban. I notice, with the current debate again on what to do regarding mass shootings, the media has never referred to the CRS report. Dem loudmouth Dianne Feinstein falsely states that these weapons need to be banned again, completely ignoring her own analysts. The current debate on taxing the rich, which Republicans like to call a “jobs killing tax increase,” also ignores the CRS report as stated in the article above.

The difference is how each party reacts. Dems like Feinstein just act like no analysis ever existed. Republicans, though, want people fired who disagree with them. This goes back to some history on CRS. I forget the senator who requested a report over twenty years ago and then, when it showed he was wrong, got then-Librarian of Congress Boorstin to fire the analyst. I am not positive, but the senator may have been Helms. I knew the very slick CRS attorney (who has since died of cancer) who defended the analyst and got his job back. He then founded the union for the analysts, know as the Congressional Research Employees Association (CREA). I wonder how long they will last now?

So…oh….I don’t know…wouldn’t it be nice if the MSM pounded these senators every night on television about the reports written by their own non-partisan analysts that show their positions to be contrary to facts and science?


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