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The Government We DON’T Want to Know

I voted for President Obama in the last two elections but the more I hear and read about how he has aggressively fought to keep his Administration secret and how he has endorsed the killing of American Citizens without Judicial Over-site the more I have come to regret it.

I used to think that Baby Bush was the worst President we have ever had but Obama is getting pretty close to the top.

It is really disturbing that the Government, Federal, State and Local, is becoming more Brutal and Militarized. It seems to be harder and harder to tell our Democracy from a Police State as the lines become more blurred with each day and that is really scarey.

It truly amazes me that the average Citizen doesn’t seem to really care about what is going on in our Government now and may not care until it is way to late to do anything about it.

I am heartened however that there does seem to be more and more Organizations that are questioning the Unconstitutional actions of this Administration.

I think we dropped the ball when we did not hold Baby Bush accountable for his illegal and Unconstitutional actions and have set a very bad precedent for future Administrations to follow and we can see that the present one is doing just that.

I fervently hope that We The People can get back control of the Government before we lose the right to do so and watch helplessly as the U.S. Constitution is destroyed before our very eyes.


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