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Larry Delassus Died Fighting Our Fight. Now, It’s Our Turn To Fight.

(Update:Will You Help Celebrate ‘Larry Delassus Day’?“)

Most of you have heard the story already. Larry Delassus died in court trying to fight Wells Fargo’s abuse. They made a typo, and even after admitting that they’d made a mistake, foreclosed on him and threw him out in the street the day that he got out of the hospital. Here’s the full story:

Larry Delassus, who died fighting our fight, with friendsWells Fargo Typo Victim Dies In Court

Larry died fighting. But all of us — every one of us who is not rich, who doesn’t get million-dollar bonuses, and who abides by the rules because it’s the right thing to do — have also been victims of Wells Fargo’s executives and the other banksters that have drained our country, putting our money and our nation’s wealth in their pockets. Larry died fighting our fight.

On March 19, Wells Fargo will celebrate it’s 161st birth day. But Larry won’t have any more birthdays because of them. On that day, Larry Delassus Day, I’m going to paint a sign and stand in front of that awful, inhuman monster and tell everyone I meet what they did. I’m going to tell everyone that I can about their filthy greed and how they are destroying our lives and our country.

Please don’t let Larry be forgotten. Don’t let his death be in vain. Stand up for yourselves, for your children, and for your country. Please join me on March 19, in front of your nearest Wells Fargo Bank.

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