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Time to twitter bomb the right, Boehner about the Regnerus study

Mark Regnerus

Seems to me that if I were a professor and my work and credibility had been questioned, I would respond.

If I were a member of highly connected organization in Washington, DC or a member of Congress and a study cited in a brief to the Supreme Court which I supported had been called into question, I would respond.

But I am not University of Texas (Austin) professor Mark Regnerus nor am I connected with the Family Research Council or the National Organization for Marriage. And I am definitely not a member of Congress.

So instead of responding in this scenarios, I sit back and scratch my head at the silence.

Last year, when Regnerus’ study was published, the religious right and their cohorts went press crazy, announcing to every news organization who cared that Regnerus’ study made the case against marriage equality, gay adoption, and same-sex families in general.

They even ignored the pesky fact that the study was extremely flawed, choosing instead to overwhelm truth with repetition fueled by a very good media campaign.

These groups, and the Republicans in the House of Representatives, even cited the study in briefs to the Supreme Court to defend anti-gay laws (DOMA, Prop 8).

But now, two days after the Huffington Post and the American Independent published an article bringing to light shocking allegations against Regnerus and his study, these folks haven’t commented.

Not a word has been said from the right or Regnerus. Not even a cough.

It’s not by accident of course.  The silence is deliberate because they are hoping that the story passes through the news cycle without so much as a peep. And when that happens, they will poke their heads out and continue to spout nonsense about traditional morality and family, as if nothing has happened.

Don’t let them get away with it. Here is what you can do.

The following are the twitter addresses of the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, the University of Texas (Austin) and House Speaker John Boehner. Demand that they comment on the new allegations regarding the Regnerus study.  No rude comments and no threats.






And speaking of how to contact Mark Regnerus, I have been told that the following is his religious blog with an open comment section. Or you can reach him from his webpage by emailing him at

The same applies for him as the others.  Demand that he comment on new allegations regarding his study. But no rude comments or threats. Always respond to injustice with dignity.

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