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Susan Rice in Line to Be Obomba’s National Security Advisor

Susan Rice - Caricature

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(This is a bit of a throw-away post while I’m working on something else, but it’s just too grotesque to pass up.)

From the Guardian:

US ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice is lined up to become President Barack Obama’s national security adviser after the disappointment of being forced out of contention for secretary of state, it was reported on Sunday.

According to the Washington Post, Rice has emerged as the “far and away” favourite to replace incumbent national security adviser Thomas Donilon later this year.

If true, it would mark a speedy political rehabilitation for the senior diplomat, whose bid to succeed Hillary Clinton in the State Department was derailed under a barrage of Republican criticism over her potential nomination. [snip]

In a subsequent inquiry into the affair, former CIA director David Petraeus told congressional hearings that Rice was not aware of the terrorist link initially, having been handed a set of talking points that pointed towards an angry mob as being responsible.

Now we know how dutiful the WaPo and the NYTimes have been about aiding this administration, from printing helpful leaks, including classified ones, and holding crucial public need-to-know stories at the behest of the administration.  (Please read Glenn Greenwald on the latter’s ‘collaboration with the White House to convict Anwar Awlaki posthumously, and other dark lies.) so it’s easy to believe this news, especially since Obomba can simply appoint her; it’s not a Senate confirmable position, but very Inner Circle, of course.  Rumor has it that our old friend (and hers) Samantha Power may be tapped for UN Ambassador.

But most coverage of this news says that Rice had been laying low since her ‘withdrawing her name from consideration as SoS, but appeared on the Daily Show on Feb. 14, where Jon Stewart ‘grilled her’, lol.  Keep in mind that Stewart had called out McCain and Graham for their hypocrisy in objecting to her appointment.  Sure, that was partisan crap, But he gave her another chance to cover her ass…

So what’s next for Ms. Rice?  An appearance on Oprah?  Can the Queen of Teevee help polish her tarnished image a bit more?

Well, not that most people will know or even care if they did, but that might be a tall order, even for O, were she not so enamored of this President and Democrats.  Imagine if she were just a tad more probing, and would ask:

“Now, Ambassador Rice, what do you say to the National Journal’s Michael Hirsh who recently wrote a piece about you entitled: ‘Susan Rice: Benghazi May Be Least of Her Problems: Rights activists say she’s been dancing with African dictators since the ’90s’, or Black Agenda Report’s Bruce Dixon who penned: Did Bloody Hands, Not Black Womanhood Sink Susan Rice Nomination?’

Or: “Some people wonder, Ambassador Rice, how much we should credit David Petraeus’s alley-oop story defending your initial misapprehension about your having gone with the story you wished were true, but he give’s you a major alley-oop by saying you didn’t know the truth until…someone else provided another story?  Keep in mind that the Guardian just printed information and released a video of their fifteen-month investigation with the BBC into torture in Iraq called Pentagon’s link to Iraqi torture centres: Exclusive: General David Petraeus and ‘dirty wars’ veteran behind commando units implicated in detainee abuse’.

“Is it possible that you’re just sorry about all that history, and your fervent wish now is to simply aid President Obomba in spreading democracy to the many failing nations around the world that are in such desperate need of our help?”

Yeah, well I’m going with Bruce Dixon’s take on those desperate nations:

Africa is the poorest and most war-torn region on earth, with US military aid going to 52 out of 54 African countries. It’s the only place where US military and civilian diplomatic functions are combined under the auspices of AFRICOM, the US military command on the continent. It’s a monstrous legacy, and Susan Rice has been one of its leading architects and managers.

Rice joined the Clinton administration’s National Security team and was deeply involved, both in supporting the side that came out on top of the Rwandan civil war while she stalled and wondered aloud whether the killing of 800,000 Rwandan civilians amounted to genocide. She served as Undersecretary of African Affairs in the Clinton administration, and when Democrats were not in the White House joined the lobbying firm that represented Ugandan and Ethiopian dictators in Washington DC. A top policy advisor since the beginning of the Obama administration, she now serves as UN Ambassador, in which capacity she repeatedly tried to suppress UN sponsored studies that laid the blame for mass murders and atrocities at the feet of Rwanda and Uganda.

And with Norman Pollack, except that he slides by Africa per se:

Obama incarnates treachery. The trinity of armed drones for targeted assassination, cyberwarfare, and, not merely Spec Ops, but a functioning integration of CIA and JSOC, casts the US into an unprecedented role, even by previous standards (such as Vietnam)–a role of unabashed insistence on unilateral global dominance, all comers, especially China, beware. This, in the context of negating social welfare at home, the Democrats’ own version of “starve the beast.”

The sequester is a hoax when it comes to military spending. Nothing is sacrificed, but rather, as with nuclear weapons, upgraded. Budget cuts, if any, equals merely a more technologically-driven war machine, and, as with drones, more impersonal, bloodless, the great psychological leap into deniability and seeming rationality.

I’m also going with ‘if any’; creative book-keeping is The New Normal.  Who’ll stop The Rain if we don’t stop it soon ourselves?

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