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Over Easy: Monday Science


We share 80% of our genes. Now laugh at me!


Well, this is some of the news I’ve been waiting for. Keep in mind, that the sample could have contaminated or mishandled, this is nevertheless major news. They’re saying it’s less than 86% similar to anything known, meaning likely a new species or maybe even a new family. To give a somewhat apples to oranges comparison, cows are 80% similar to humans, so this is as different from EVERYTHING we know as we are from cows.

Words fail me. Well, no they don’t but I suppress most of them because they’re not nice words. That crap has been pouring into the pacific since the meltdowns, probably with much higher radiation. I’m still unaware of any independent sampling within Japan’s waters, but this data is from 40km out. Now they want to add more because they’re running out of places to store it and for some reason the abandoned land that surrounds the plant isn’t good enough to erect tanks.  Oh, yeah, did I mention that the WSJ is speculating that molten fuel “Could” be outside the reactor? I suppose they have to pretend it’s news to them.

Al Gore is fat. Global warming is shifting conditions by seven degrees of latitude. For comparison, that moves Cincinnati Ohio on top of Savannah Georgia.  Tropical forests are showing some resillance to the effects according to this study. 2/3 of Americans believe global warming is real, alas few of them are in positions of power. And the data is getting worse.

We could never really study atomic collapse before, because you needed a superheavy nucleus and those tend not to stay together very long. We achieved it with graphene.

These things live by oxydizing AMMONIA!!! Titan has an ammonia component in it’s atmosphere. The moons are getting more and more interesting. A reminder that something exists that can live in almost anything.

Pan-Starrs is going to be good, maybe great comet. I know this because we’ve been overcast during the only time it’s above the horizon here.

Yet another step forward for cheap solar. I don’t think coal could compete if there was a pollution tax. And it may not be long before coal can’t compete anyway. Fracking sucks, but the natural gas it produces burns cleaner. But we may use more dirty energy to get to the clean gas.

The more we learn about the Higgs boson, the more we realize it’s exactly what we expected and boring.

Obligatory Squid Link. Now they’re engineering them to catch cars.

Boxturtle (This is great recipe)


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