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International Developments

? Transfer of Bagram Prison from US to  Afghan control cancelled due to disagreements between US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Afghan  President Hamid Karzai.  A suicide bomber struck about three hours later, “killing at least 10 people”, including 2 Afghan soldiers.  Update:  Afghan President Hamid Karzai accuses “US forces of colluding with Taliban”.

? Those 21 UN peacekeepers have been freed by Syrian rebels.

? There could be 3 million Syrian refugees by year’s end.

? “Uhuru Kenyatta, charged with crimes against humanity, declared winner” in Kenya’s presidential election.  Results are being challenged.

? “A Nigerian Islamist militant group’s claims to have killed several foreign hostages it seized last month are credible, Western governments say.”

21 people have been sentenced to death for the riots in Port Said’s stadium in February, 2012.   The verdict enraged football fans in both Port Said and Cairo, with protests resulting in one death.  They’ve now turned their furor on the Suez Canal.

? Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN is “in line to become Obama’s national security adviser”.

International Finance

? “There will be no more austerity measures,” said Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, with Greece’s “ailing economy . . . out of intensive care, not out of the hospital.”  We could say it’s out of the torture chamber and in hospital.

? Tomorrow’s launch day for the US and Europe’s derivatives reform measures.

? “BP is warning investors that the price tag will be ‘significantly higher’ than it initially estimated for its multibillion-dollar settlement” for its Gulf of Mexico oil gusher.

Money Matters USA

? The FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission, “examining high-frequency trading are facing an uphill battle [due to] incomplete records to interpreting volumes of trades executed in milliseconds.”  Proving “evidence of intent” is also a challenge.

? Who didn’t see this coming?  “The insurance industry is ill-prepared to handle climate change-related disasters . . ..”

? “Members of AFSCME Council 25 in MI are spending their Sunday marching in protest against the possibility of an Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit”, which MI Gov. Rick Snyder (R) is rarin’ to install.

? “Billion-dollar investors backed by Wall Street continue to buy metro Phoenix [AZ] houses with plans to turn them into rentals.”

? Regressive taxes, which hit the poor the hardest, spread in the Deep South following the Civil War, and have only gotten worse in the past 30 years–spreading now to the Western states. Such taxes have a negative impact on death rates, property crimes and public expenditures. [cont’d.]

Photo by Sebastián-Dario under Creative Commons license

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