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It’s Sunday again and that means it’s time to pull up your cat and have some kitteh chat. Wow! This week went by quickly for me! It seems like just yesterday that I was writing this post. Kuroneko and I ended the week pretty much like any other, though she insisted that I wake up and pay attention to her at around 4:00am Saturday morning. Encouraging her to snuggle in the clean laundry while I mop the floors has worked like a charm and she hasn’t tried to follow me around over the mop bucket again. After clean up, we took a nap together on the sofa, she nestled on my legs. It was sweet but I woke up with her kneading my flesh in her sleep. As I write this, she’s climbing the back of my chair to sneak attack my typy fingers. She’s so stealthy and intrepid.

I saw an unusual number of dead cats in the road around here last week. I’m convinced that there is a borderline sociopath who lives nearby who goes out of his or her way to hit cats crossing the street. S/he certainly lives in this area. I’ve never gotten why some people have an irrational loathing of cats. I wonder if there have ever been any studies? If there is such a person around here, I sure wish someone would spot them and turn them in. I keep putting up warnings for people to keep their cats indoors because there is a cat abuser/killer loose but the management doesn’t seem to think it’s appropriate and keeps taking them down. I suppose their strategy is to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. There is a local school district newsletter that I’ve been ignoring since I moved here. I wonder if they would be interested in giving this some publicity?

On a happier note, here are the pictures:

392013 002
Kuroneko picture of the week: That’s okay ‘Neko…it’s not like I poured that for myself or anything!

ADORABLE video of a kit sleep-bathing
Obligatory cute kitten pic of the week: Kitteh on a tightrope! From Cute Overload

In this video, we see that the “rotating snake” optical illusion seems to affect cats too.

That’s it from me. Please feel free to stop by and share your animal tails, (couldn’t resist the pun), with us! I hope everybody has a great week ahead but whatever you do, please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you. See you down below!

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